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Shipping Detail

Once we have processed your payment, your product(s) will go through our rigorous quality inspection process. After all of our quality checks, we will determine the best shipping provider to your area and then proceed with the shipment. We use DHL, skynet, Fedex, USPS and DPEX, among others, and you can be assured that we will find the service that will get your product to you the safest and quickest.


We use Express International Mail with Tracking (5 to 7 business days). Shipping is free to all United States customers. With the tracking option, you can keep an eye on your product as it makes its way to you.

We use special DHL service for USA and Canada customers.

For some international orders to some countries we send as a gift to keep your costs down; however, some countries may still charge you duties and/or taxes for which we are not responsible for.

Please keep in mind we have no control at Customs and clearance may take an additional 2 to 3 business days.

Please note, as well, that our prices do not include import duties, taxes or other such fees and, therefore, you may have to pay an additional fee upon receiving your package. These fees are not our fees but the fees that you would be expected to pay from any product from any seller entering your country.


Each item is first designed and then handcrafted. Each item then goes through a quality inspection control process. Perfection of our products and your satisfaction are very important to us.
If your item is still in its original condition, within 14 days, you may choose to return it for an unconditional return of your money. Please note that you will have to pay return shipping fees.
You may also choose to return a product for an exchange of another product.
Please refer to our sizing chart for garment dimensions, and please feel free to contact our friendly, helpful staff should you have any questions or concerns before placing your order.

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